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Foundation for the Culture of Wine

28/03/2007/ Foundation for the Culture of Wine

The Foundation for the Culture of Wine it is an organism of cultural broadcats composed by public and private organizations that tries to be a tool of communication and training around the culture of the wine, a link of union between the consumers and the sector, an instrument of support to the Spanish wine of quality inside and outside our borders.


It is the materialization of an initiative that looks for the cultural spreading by means of the wine like vehicle of it. From this perspective the Foundation orients its efforts in making arrive to the public a set of knowledge that allow them to be deserving of an extensive culture, universal and adapted to the position that the wine has acquired in the society.

Several Prizes to our Muscats Sarasate obtained in all the contest of the D.O. Navarre organized by the circle called Peña el Tonel.


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