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Alimarket speaks of the Warehouses

Wines 3 of December of 2015


The elaborator of wines of Navarre Bodegas Corellanas, that more ago than thirty years were into the hands of the brothers Jorge A. and Gustavo Johansson, has been to the 100% into the hands of first, who has integrated it in Grupo Hans Inversiones, real estate group of family owned business, with offices in Corella and Barcelona.

Bodegas Corellanas , with facilities in Corella, have 42 has of vineyard, capacity to store 750,000 ls of wine and a park of 150 barrels. It commercializes 500,000 annual bottles, a 38% to export to European countries (like Germany, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and France) in addition to others like the USA, Guatemala, China and Senegal. It has in his portfolio white wines, pink and red with Navarre DO (`Rubicán Único’, `Viña Rubicán’,’ Viña Mariate’, `Marqués de Sarasate’,’ Sarasate’ and `Castillo de Blendo’) and a natural sweet wine (`Sarasate’). In addition, in 2015 it has created an innovating semisweet white wine, of grape Muscat of small grain, with the trademark `Blue’ (it takes the name from the blue bottle in which it is commercialized), that it has as destiny a young public and can be bought in the channel Horeca and in specialized stores.

The warehouse, who invoiced 528,000€ in 2014 (655,000€ in the preceding exercise) and anticipates to arrive at 600.000€ this campaign, is undertaking the plantation of new vineyards and studies an investing project in its facilities of the wine cellar, to continue improving the quality of its wines.

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